The New Home of TVA’s Investment Challenge Program

Welcome to the all-new online headquarters for TVA’s Investment Challenge Program. This site will henceforth be the hub of activity for students and teachers participating in the program. We’re glad you made it!


Once you’ve registered an account as a participant, you can fully utilize the forum space and school-based groups to share information and build strategies with your team.


Each school gets their own private forum, but the team here at TVA will be actively following all thread activity. The more engaged you are, the more you’ll get out of your Investment Challenge experience! We’ll be keeping an eye out for enthusiastic contributors.


Each student is encouraged to fill out their online profile, including uploading your resume and adding a link to a personal website or portfolio. Add your friends. Post a status. “Like” an article— help us build a thriving community to help each other get the best results on this journey.

Get Competitive

While we encourage sharing information and supporting each and every participating member, in the world of finance there are clearly defined winners and losers. So put on your game face and together let’s take home the gold. No matter what happens in the end, we will all have gained new knowledge and experience along the way.

Happy trading.

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